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Spotting at TLV Ben Gurion Airport
Spotting at TLV Ben Gurion Airport


MZAVIATION, My name is Michael Zeltser, I’ve established MZAVIATION back in 2010 to showcase my work. As a photographer who is based in Israel, you will find that most of my images and videos are from Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV, LLBG). However, you can also find lots of images and videos from different countries I’ve visited throughout the world.

I’m a devoted Canon user, I started with the Canon SX30IS then i moved to use Canon SX40 HS & today i’m using the Canon SX60 HS and sometimes i use my iPhone 5s.

I work in collaboration with El Al Israeli Airlines, private clients, production companies and more. If you need any help or service then please feel free to contact me.

I publish my aviation photos on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fan pages. My full HD videos can be found on my Youtube channel. I cover all areas of aviation including private helicopters, gliders, commercial airlines, private aviation, military jets & helicopters and more.

I manage a large a facebook group for spotting in Israel “IsraSpotting” you can join us and watch or share aviation photos, this group is active 24/7. Also i’m very active in worldwide groups and forums.
I invite everyone to join my passion to aviation.

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Copyright Notice – All photos and videos are “All Rights Reserved”. They must not be copied or edited in any way, unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. If you want to use any photos or videos for any reason or purpose, then please get contact me.